Monday, January 26, 2009

Wonks R' Us: Right On

Eva Schweber knocks another one out of the park with her latest take on The Oregonian's inflammatory editorials.

We all owe it to ourselves to read what she has to say.



    You all support a 45 year old man who kissed a 17 year old boy in a restroom.

    Aren't you proud.

  2. Vince, this is your only warning: this type of comment is not productive, nor does it serve to spark discussion. All it does is attack and that's not the purpose of this site.

    If you continue to comment in this attacking way, I will restrict you from commenting on the site in the future.

    Thanks for understanding.

  3. You are percieving an attack. Hollie, again.. you need to open yourself up a little more and realize that discussion is the key to understanding.

    Nothing I posted above is untrue.

    A. Sam Adams kissed a 17 your old boy in a restroom.

    B. Supporters of Sam are proud of his record and plans for the city.

    If you disagree, please discuss. There is nothing to be afraid of.

  4. Vince, you must be a reporter, because you skewed your own facts to make your point.

    1. Not that it makes that much of a difference, but Sam was 42 when Beau was 17. If you want to talk about untruths in your post, we'll start there.

    2. The "Aren't you proud" statement was in relation to the kiss, it had nothing to do with his record or the plans for this city, to which you made no mention in your first post. That was a nice backpedal on your part.

    No, we aren't proud of Sam's actions that lead up to this situation. I think most of us are just as let down and disappointed as anyone else. However, you are correct when you say we're proud of his 20 year long public service record and his plans for this city. Yes, we're definitely proud of that.

  5. You just hate it that the media is actually treating Sam the way they'd treat a Republican scandal. That's why this is so traumatizing for Sam supporters. Our local media is really doing a great job here while most of the major networks predicatably ignore it.

    Oh and if it doesn't make much of a difference then why mention it? Seems kind of silly to me.

    You can take the "Aren't you proud" statement any way you like it. Frankly I wouldn't be proud of someone (or their record) after conduct like this, to each his/her own I guess.

    Perhaps you can all open your mind to that point of view. Never hurts to be a little more open minded right?

  6. Yes, I support a 45 year old person (or whatever the age of the person) who has a relationship with another consenting person. So what if he was 17... WHEN THEY KISSED! If your imagination is leading you elsewhere well then that’s for you to deal with. It would be a different situation if the young man was claiming he felt taken advantage of. In that case I would be all about the investigation and holding the mayor to those consequences.
    In more than half of the US states the age of consent is 16! The real issue is that people can't deal with teenage sexuality much less if it involves gay sexuality.
    And as far as republicans and as much as I dislike Senator Larry Craig, I don't feel he should have faced charges for seeking sex. Since when is that illegal? Isn't that what people do every weekend at bars? I'm still confused about that one...

    The mayor has been a great public servant and is still holding himself up after such a mess over nothing... I am damn proud!

  7. Most of the Oregonian articles were written by Anna Griffin, who on the Oregonian website is referred to as Multnomah County's Opinion Columinist. She authored the original headline on Jan 20, the rally story, and the Adams stays story for today. Possibly others. She didn't write the trashy Breedlove tells all, nor am I sure she's part of of the editorial pieces in the Opinion section, but she must be.

    As a columnist, I don't understand why she's been the main reporter for most of the Sam pieces. Even though she has been mostly a reporter, she also had her own opinion piece on Jan 23 titled Sam Adams: He gardens and he works.

    At first I thought it was a supportive article, but as I read it, it got strange. Anna says in middle of the piece, " I forgot one thing: he gardens and he works. Those are twin refuges of a control freak, a guy who prefers to keep his own company and his own counsel, and as a result has a giant blind spot when it comes to his own behavior."

    huh - hard workers and people who like to be garden are control freaks.

    The thing with being Mayor of Portland, you aren't in charge of it all, you have a commissioner team. I remember Potter having problems with this. Along with working in a team, Sam also works with advisory boards with over 50 members.

    If you want to read the full commentary piece go here:

    Anna Griffin's email is

    -Carye Bye

  8. Carye, I read that article with sort of a furrowed brow, too. "What's your point?" was what I came away thinking. It seemed, frankly, very small to decide that someone who gardens and works is by definition a control freak. Was she handed a manual at Columnist School that affords her access to these characterizations that aren't common knowledge?

    Clearly the answer is that she wants to take advantage of the fact that folks tend to buy what they read, so long as it's under the domain of a major news publication. It's crap based on innocuous interests. What next: he likes to ride his bike, so he's clearly a subversive with psychotic leanings?