Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adams Releases Statement

According to one of those little red "OMG BREAKING NEWS!!!1" boxes over on, Sam Adams has released a statement saying he's not leaving.

"Embattled Portland Mayor Sam Adams released a statement Sunday evening saying: "I will work harder than I ever have in my life to meet the challenges facing our great city." He did not reference a decision not to resign but instead asked Portlanders to judge him by his ability to deliver results for the city."

I have no idea where KATU got this info, but I'll be scouring the interwebs for details. More when I find 'em.

For now, it appears we have our mayor back.

UPDATE: okay, here we go-- details of the statement.

Here is what I think: it is a politically smart move. He's humbled himself before the city, asked for our forgiveness, and moved right on to what he wants to do. There is no justification of his actions, just "let me prove myself to you again." It leaves me feeling like supporting him is the absolute right thing. Why? Because even after the last week, Sam Adams is still focused on what's best for Portland. That, in my opinion, is a mayor worth keeping.


  1. Hollie -

    Thanks for all you have done to give us a voice. I sincerely believe that you have made a difference.

  2. The full statement is on his blog.