Friday, January 23, 2009

Time To Go!

I'm about to hop on my bike and head downtown to get ready for the rally. Before I do, I want to say a couple things.

The support folks have shown for Sam in the last couple days has been astounding. Folks have offered up their help, their imagination and their inspiration. I'm overwhelmed by the number of people in our city who feel strongly that Sam Adams is a mayor worth fighting for, and whose absence from public life would be a tragedy for our city.

Special thanks to Marc Acito. He's been an unbelievable help to me today as I've been stuck at work. He's done all of the legwork for the rally tonight-- everything from gathering noise permits to renting generators to talking to the police to acquiring rally speakers-- and I can't thank him enough for all he's done to help the cause.

I'll see all of you tonight at City Hall, 5:30pm!


  1. WOW! Portland,
    Such an amazing show of support today!
    Congrats to the co-ordinators for an incredible event.
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many of you and to
    see the sincerity, passion and compassion of my fellow Portlandians was inspiring.

    If you were unable to make it tonight or simply wish to
    stand up for Sam again we will return to City Hall on Tuesday at Noon
    for round 2.

    For info or more contacts please visit
    email me @

    Please keep spreading the word-nab the flier and re-post far and wide.
    Tonight was stellar, let's repeat it by daylight.

    1/27/09 @ NOON/CITY HALL

    All The Best,

  2. thanks so much marc, everything sounds so good. Nice job all around everyone. And it looks like we had about 1000 people out - that's the number a couple people estimated. I'm putting up my photos.