Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adams News Recap For Tuesday

This was published last night, but with updates: Senator Ron Wyden states publicly that he "strongly disapproves" of Adams's actions, but will not state his feelings about the mayor's credibility until the results of the state attorney general's investigation are released. Initially, the report stated that Wyden had stated he'd lost faith in Adams, but that turned out to have been Commissioner Nick Fish. My take on Wyden's statement is that he, like many of Adams's supporters, feels disappointed with the mayor's dishonesty. His withholding judgement until the investigation concludes indicates that he doesn't feel Adams has lost the credibility he needs to lead at this point.

Adams spokesperson Wade Nkrumah has resigned as of yesterday. There aren't yet a lot of details about this resignation other than it was voluntary and Adams was disappointed with the announcement. Adams's chief of staff, Tom Miller, has stated that he makes it his policy not to comment on personal matters. Plenty of speculation has come out of this announcement, and until more is said, it's hard to comment.

Anyone attend the rally today at noon?

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  1. Do you think maybe he resigned because its hard to defend someone who makes out with 17 year olds in the city hall bathroom?

    Im thinking that might have something to do with it...