Saturday, January 24, 2009

Call for Donation Help

It took some money to make the rally happen.

Marc Acito spent most of the day downtown yesterday, pounding the pavement between government offices in order to make sure we had all the sound equipment and city permits we needed. Did you know a city noise permit is over a hundred bucks? Yeah, me neither. He also schlepped across town about two hours before the event and rented us a generator when it became clear that we wouldn't have a way to power the sound equipment without one. He was generous enough to cough up the cost of this stuff because, well, he's awesome. He also felt it was worth it given the potential outcome of the rally.

Sue Brown, who is my co-conspirator on this website, bought much of the materials used for making the signs used at the rally. Like Marc, she ate this cost because she believes in what we're doing.

Bottom line, it was about $250 (Marc and Sue, correct me if I'm wrong) to rent/buy the materials that made our wonderful rally possible. I'd like to help defray the costs these folks incurred and that's why I've added a Paypal donation button over there on the right so that any soul who's willing can help. I won't be accepting donations for any more than was spent, so if/when we have that amount (*fingers crossed*), I'll take the button down.

Even if it's a buck or two, we can help Marc and Sue out if enough people donate. Thank you in advance, you sweet, Sam-lovin' people.


  1. the one in the blue column works tho.

  2. Thanks for the heads up-- both should work now.

  3. I received a message from Storm (sent this morning at 2:30) regarding a Press Conference today. all other sources make it sound like this happened yesterday. Did i miss it? or should I get on my bike now? I can be reached by email at

    Thank you!!

  4. "Did you know a city noise permit is over a hundred bucks?"

    Wow, really, in Portland you say? Is this some sort of surprise given that tax/fee crazy liberals have been running the city, heck the state, for decades now?

    You voted for it. You pay for it.

  5. The press conference happened yesterday at noon. Unless there's one I don't know about, I don't think you need to get on your bike and head back down there!

  6. Paypal still seems to be having problems.

  7. You still looking for money? Let me know, I'm gainfully employed, (at least for the moment,) and I'll give you whatever you need. You have my e-mail address.