Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone Have a Megaphone For The Rally?

We still need to dig up a megaphone for public speaking at the rally tomorrow night. Can anyone let us borrow theirs?


  1. I can bring any soundsystem necessary - the Mississippi Studios system is in storage. No megaphone, but PA equipment, microphones, stands, speakers/stands, etc. If we can tap power from City hall or someone brings a generator, I can supply the rest.
    Jim 503 421 9165

  2. My advice: Treat the PA system as a good thing to have as a backup/supplement, but do NOT rely on it. You cannot guarantee access to power or that you will be allowed to set up a generator. Go for the megaphone, with fresh batteries, as your primary amplification.

    A note on optics: At the first prop-8 protest/rally in the park blocks, the sound system did not arrive. The Socialist Worker publication was there and was kind enough to share a megaphone they had handy. That was great, but as an unintended side effect, all photos of speakers at the event (including Sam!) had "socialist worker" which was prominently written on the megaphone, which may have distracted some potential audience from the larger message. That's not a political jab at those who were kind enough to share the megaphone. Rather, it's a suggestion that you should ensure there are no distracting slogans or logos on the megaphone that you use.

  3. Hi Hollie-

    Just saw on OPB website a sentence saying the rally is THURSDAY @ this a mistake?

    "Portland resident Holly Teal has organized a rally Thursday at City Hall at 5:30p.m."

    Here's the link-

  4. Anon,

    Thanks for the heads up! OPB corrected the info.

    See you tomorrow!

  5. Hollie-

    You're very welcome. I submitted a comment below the article saying I thought the rally was Friday and adding a link to this blog for more information but it hasn't posted online yet. Thanks for taking the initiative on this issue. My husband and I will be there tomorrow night to show our support.


  6. Awesome, Carla. Thanks for your vigilance. I look forward to seeing both of you there!

  7. Hollie, did you find a megaphone yet? I have one if it still needed.