Thursday, January 29, 2009

Timothy Egan in the NYT

Pulitzer Prize winner and NW local Timothy Egan has written an opinion piece about Sam Adams on his blog in the New York Times. He draws the obvious parallels between Adams and former Portland mayor Neil Goldschmidt, who repeatedly sexually abused his babysitter when she was 14.

Egan clearly isn't necessarily in support of Adams, but he makes some interesting points and speaks to the fallibility of the human condition, in addition to our capacity for forgiveness.

Worthy quote:
"Now Adams, with the support of some in this immensely tolerant city, will try to carry on — the first openly gay mayor of a major American city, with an asterisk.

That footnote holds a lesson, the words a wise Portlander told me long ago: Heroes are hard to come by, he said, especially when the lot you have to choose from is the human race."

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