Friday, January 23, 2009

Images: Making Signs for Sam

Thanks to Carye Bye for taking pictures and creating a Flickr set of the sign-making festivities at Roots last night.

As you can see, the creativity and wit shown by the folks who came out was nothing short of totally awesome.

Sam supporters are becoming some of my favorite people! I can't wait to see the gazillions of them all in one place tonight!


  1. So if Sam Adams were a straight, Republican mayor who lied about having a sexual relationship with a female intern...would you feel the same way?

    What if there were outstanding questions around whether the female intern was 17 or 18? And what if it was proven (as it is now) that this mayor lied and ran under false pretenses.

    This all comes down to politics. But for Sam it's just another lie and he knows he can count on people like you. It's why he hasn't resigned.

    He called everyone a homophobe for not believing his lies. I wonder what he thinks now?

    I can't wait to hear your cries of indignation...

  2. @Vince. The problem is the question should never have been asked unless there was some EVIDENCE of a crime, there is not yet.

    You seem to have forgotten Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Lying to the press is not a crime no matter how much they might wish it was. Sure it was not the best thing to do but he APOLOGIZED and admitted he made a mistake.

    what false pretenses did he run under? I do not remember any ads that said "I Sam Adams is a sexual eunuch and will vow to have been celibate my whole life." It was an inappropriate question.

  3. Oh you are so upset! Just admit it, your little golden boy isn’t so golden and you just can't handle it honey! Apologies only go so far…

    I believe that if Portland city residents new that Sam groomed a 17 year old intern into sex they might make a different choice for mayor.
    Sam vehemently denied this of course and insulted everyone by calling them homophobic.
    So I guess you could call those false pretenses. We can split hairs if you'd like... after all, you're the one that’s upset. We on the right are just having fun with this.

    Will you cry when he resigns?

  4. @Vince: Oh gee. I was starting to wonder why you were spouting rhetoric and incorrect talking points. Now I understand. Wow. Ok.

    There is really no reason to continue this, you will not listen, that is fine. I will however take this opportunist to address your ideas.

    Using a sexual encounter to attack make a gay man during an election is homophobic, especially when there is no evidence of a crime.

    The grooming statement is vile and there is no evidence of that either.

    Funny you should be saying what you are saying when our last president lied and put us in a WAR, ya know where people died. I only wish he had only lied about sex.

  5. I knew it was only a matter of time before you brought out that tired rhyme about lying and dying. Earth to Tara, Bush is back in Texas now. That's old news; the Sam Adams scandal is fresh off the printing press.

    "Using a sexual encounter to attack make a gay man during an election is homophobic, especially when there is no evidence of a crime."

    If I was to have a sexual encounter with a female intern in my office I'm pretty sure that would be looked down upon. Furthermore it could cost me my job or at least a promotion. This is how the real world works, regardless of sexual orientation.

    "The grooming statement is vile and there is no evidence of that either."

    Sam's behavior might be vile but it doesn't make it untrue. At best Sam waited until this young man turned 18 and it'd be naive to think that they hadn't 'hit it off' before his b-day.

    You're getting desperate aren't you? I love this.

  6. @Vince: Sweety, your the one coming to a supports blog trying to stir stuff up. I am not desperate, I just know what I believe as I hope you do.

    @Hollie: I do not believe discussion is ever bad.

  7. Try and be a little more open minded Hollie.

    Or just repeat after Tara:

    "It's okay when Sam Adams does it."

  8. Okay, kids. Have fun. Just so long as it stays civil.

  9. Oh Hollie, Are we meeting on the 4th or 5th side of City Hall?

    Is there anything else you need?

  10. @Vince-I find it hard to believe that you could convince a female to have a sexual encounter with you in your office or elsewhere....most of us are not turned on by patronizing sadists.

    Bush may be back home in Texas but our troops are still on the battlefield. (not for much longer, thanks to President OBAMA!) Do you honestly think the soldiers would agree with you that the deaths of their military brothers & sisters is old news and less important than the fact that Sam Adams had consensual sex with a consenting adult several years ago? Yikes.

    And did you just suggest that Hollie should be more open-minded? WOW.

    I, too love a verbal joust-but frankly, Vince, it gets boring quickly without a worthy opponent.

    Hope to meet you tonight at the rally, Tara & Hollie. Thanks for taking a stand against this hypocritical idiocy.

  11. We'll be on the 4th side, opposite the park.

    I'll see you there!

  12. Mr. Anonymous you are so brave and clever.
    Your response is typical. Because you can't dispute anything I've stated about Sam Adams you have to resort to an ad hominem.

    And that’s just it. You cannot dispute one thing I've stated here. So instead you bring up the Iraq war and topics that have absolutely nothing to do with Sam Adams and his affinity for hitting on under age interns in the work place.

    Apparently that’s something to be proud of to you. Have you no knowledge of workplace harassment laws or the inherent ethics violations in dating direct reports? I'm guessing you've never worked in an office building.

    But since you wanted to go there, I just have to point out that those troops you claim to speak for don't seem all that thrilled about Obama either...

    2008 Military Times poll: Wary about Obama

    Nor is Obama going to implement the swift disengagement he promised you more than a year ago. Talk about change you can believe in.

    But hey... let's get back on topic right? Oh no, no that.

    Sam Adams is biting his finger nails as we speak.

    Oh and I'm sure Tara and Hollie will be looking all over for their anonymous hero tonight. You stud muffin you.

  13. now the topic is the Mayor's manicure?

    Oh Vince, is that the best you could do? How disappointing. Well, at least you tried.

    I will say you were right about one thing- I am brave and clever, thanks for noticing.

    However, I prefer to be addressed as Mrs. Anonymous. I'm female and really thought I made that obvious in the first paragraph of my previous post. (go back and read it very s l o w l y and carefully this time)

    This would mean I can't technically be called a stud muffin. (special thanks for the flashback though, haven't heard that term used since the 1980's)

    If it makes you feel better, why don't you think of me as more of a bitch cupcake?


    Mrs. A

  14. I could do that if you'd like. I guess I'm more accustomed to hearing crass and juvenile references to work place sexual harassment out of other young men, so please pardon me as much as you possibly can.

    The case you forgot, is how Sam Adams groomed a 17 year old intern into having sex with him.

    I just thought I'd remind you of that, mostly because it hurts and you can't deny it.

    I mean how can you stand behind someone like that? Whatever happened to ending that type of behavior in the workplace?

    Again...repeat after Tara, "It's okay when Sam does it."

  15. Hahahah! Mrs. A, I think "bitch cupcake" could be the best thing that came out of this entire post. Thank you!

  16. You're entirely welcome, Hollie. I am happy to have provided some amusement. I thank you in return for your enthusiasm and dedication. That awesome rally couldn't have happened without your hard work. It was a night for the history books and I was delighted to be a participant. I enjoyed meeting you and all the other cool people who are so passionate about their city. Everyone did a fantastic job by showing up and caring about our collective future. I'm so proud to be a resident of Portland-I feel as if I've 'found my people'.

    If we can just get Sam back to work ASAP, then perhaps the magic can begin...

    Now for you, dear sorry to keep you waiting. Did you worry that I'd forgotten all about you? Au contraire, Monsieur Cliche Whisperer. I've been deliciously anticipating our final colloquy. I do hope that you "on the right" are still having fun with this.

    Me, not so much. I admit it's growing a bit tiresome. It's always difficult to return irrational and inconsistent serves-but they are many and they just keep a comin' so I'll give it my best shot.

    I really think you're getting confused, old boy and I confess to becoming exasperated with you. Please don't take it personally- the self-righteous always affect me this way.

    Sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I even try. Forcing progressive ideas through those rigid, judgmental brain cells is such hard work, is it not?

    Luckily for me, as you so intuitively surmised, it's not an occupation I need drag myself into an office building to accomplish. I slave away from the comfort of my fluffy feather bed in order to avoid the drudgery of the common office drone-a rather ghastly existence which you appear to be familiar with. Poor Vince. You're quite the trooper, aren't you?

    Let's forge on now, as I, too must follow your fine example. Shall we just consider this probably pointless exercise in futility my weekly community service?

    To answer your inquiry, I haven't bothered to respond specifically to your "topics" because I find them irrelevant to the issues addressed in this blog.

    However, because I do so enjoy a game of intellectual cat and mouse, I haven't been able to resist toying with you. So sue me-owww.

    I'm just wondering- are you sharing our little missives with all your Hawaiian shirt-wearing buddies on the golf course and at the "Gentlemen's" club?

    And that reminds me.....of course I'll pardon you for previously mistaking me for a gentleman. Although you said yourself, "Apologies only go so far", I'm willing to take the high road here. It is the gracious thing for a lady to do, after all. I forgive you for all your little foibles, just as I forgive Sam for his. Most of all, I forgive him for failing to say "None of your damn business" when a reporter asked about his private life years ago.

    Regarding your persistent and voyeuristic need to discuss Sam's sex life, may I respectfully suggest you do some additional research before you click the 'post comment' button again?

    You know, you really should learn to Google. Be adventurous, try something new, engage your intellect! Those right-wing websites and conservative talk show hosts just don't give you a quality education, Vince. No matter how many times they repeat made-up shit (sorry, not very ladylike, but apropos, nonetheless ) in a loud, bellowing voice- it just won't make it come true.

    I also find it puzzling that you keep bringing up workplace sexual harassment. (although I'm starting to sense a theme) I do have some experience in this subject. It's an occupational hazard I suppose, because of my work-at-home situation, but not one that I find personally troubling. I've discovered that a little break of physical activity serves to start the creative juices flowing, if you get my drift.

    Oh, oh, back on topic.....I'll admit I'm no legal scholar, but as it pertains to the Sam/Beau affair, I'm fairly certain that to make a legitimate claim of workplace sexual harassment, it would require that the 2 parties actually be employed together, in some way, shape or form.

    I believe it's common acknowledge that Beau was never Sam's intern. Beau worked as an intern, but it is misleading and inflammatory to suggest his position was connected to Sam Adams in any way.

    In reference to the other topics you wish me to address, I'll try to keep it simple, so please allow me to summarize.

    What has been established is that two consenting adults had sexual relations with each other, almost 4 years ago. One was an 18 year-old man and the other a man in his early forties. Although the age difference apparently disturbs your heightened sense of morality, it is not illegal. (I can't profess to being unbiased on this point, I do love a younger man myself...often and well)

    By the way, thanks for the reminder but I'm also clueless as to why you think this matter would hurt me in any way. (aha, another theme becoming clear!)What I cannot deny is that I am in favor of adukts having as much vigorous sex as possible. It's a very healthy and enjoyable pastime and I highly recommend you try it, should you find a willing partner.

    Repeat after me, Vince- "It's okay when Sam does it, it's okay when you do it, it's okay when I do it". Keep repeating until you convince yourself.

    You're also inappropriately invoking a veiled reference("grooming")to the "P" word, you naughty boy, so allow me to clarify this erroneous assumption by providing you with the proper definitions.

    Pedophile: An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.

    Let's explore this even further in order to leave no stone unturned.

    Child: A person between birth and puberty

    Puberty: the period or age at which a person is first capable of sexual reproduction of offspring

    For the record, I am opposed to adults sexually interacting with children because I believe it can be emotionally confusing and damaging to the child's healthy sexual development.

    Apparently, the good 'ole U S of A as a whole is a tad ambiguous about the exact age of consent.In a many states, the age of consent is 16 or 17, although it is 18 in Oregon. I personally began choosing my own sexual partners when I was almost 16 years old.

    I think we should both acknowledge that there is some gray area between the end of childhood, the age of puberty and the late teens/age of legal consent when a human male (in this particular case) is in his sexual prime. However, certainly we can we both agree that for the purpose of our discussion today and according to Oregonian law....Beau was, at 18 years of age, a physically mature adult man, more than capable of reproduction and legally able to consent to sexual activity. (and sign legal documents, vote, enroll in the military, drink a beer....oh wait, never mind that last one-we'll save that debate for another time)

    If Sam had offered a child a lollipop in exchange for a blow job, you'd have a point and we wouldn't be having this discussion. However, in this instance, when 2 adults negotiate an assignation, it's more commonly referred to as dating. (or courting, if you prefer)

    Since no one else was privy to the exact date of the initial tete-a-tete (snicker) between Sam and Beau, I guess we'll just have to take their word for it.

    So there you have it. I could go on as you've generously given me so much to work with, but it's late and I grow weary.

    Unless an investigation proves otherwise and he is found guilty of committing a crime, I stand behind my mayor Sam Adams- a man of vision, energetic leadership and progressive ideas. (and apparently a robust sex life)

    I only wish I'd also been standing behind him during the event in dispute...I'll bet it was smokin' hot.

    Au revoir, Dearest's been enlightening.

    With kindest regards,

    Mrs. A.B. Cupcake

    P.S. I really tried but I was unable to work up cries of indignation for you. Sorry to disappoint.

    P.P.S. Are you sure your real name is not Frank Burns? Or Newt?

  17. I must say, for someone who sits at home all day long you certainly have some fantastic creative writing skills. To be honest I couldn't read all of it...I just don't have the time.

    While I falsely assumed that you were a man (sorry honey), you falsely assume a lot of things about me. Apparently anyone who opposes Sam Adams and idiot progressive politics has to be a complete tight wad, Christian jerk who doesn't know how to have fun.

    Here's a little surprise for you. I don't believe in Jesus Christ like Sam Adams says he does. Perhaps Sam likes to read the parable describing when Jesus 'shows a seven year old boy the world', alone in his tent.

    If you want to lump me into something politically, think Geert Wilders, Pat Condell or Ron Paul. Those three describe my domestic political beliefs quite well. There is such a thing as the 'secular right'. Run with it and make some more assumptions.

    Now to something a little more on topic and although you've never worked in an office environment, realize that some very impactful and neat things can happen in those tall buildings that you know so little about. After all your hero Sam works in an office like environment (for now).

    "I believe it's common acknowledge that Beau was never Sam's intern. Beau worked as an intern, but it is misleading and inflammatory to suggest his position was connected to Sam Adams in any way."

    Regardless, both were employed by the city government. It is against many bedrock HR policies to date anyone that is in a position below you and this certainly applies to Sam and Breedlove's relationship. Besides if they didn't work together at all then how did they meet? You assume a lot.

    Frankly I'm not sure why we're even still debating this. Sam obviously had a 'more than friends' relationship with a 17 year old BOY - as detailed in this article.

    Read and weep lazy princess. I'll be posting this on the very first page of this blog as well.