Monday, January 26, 2009

What's Next?

The first thing my coworker asked me this morning was, "so what's your next cause gonna be?" Honestly, the way last week left me feeling like I'd been hooked up to a chain and pulled down a gravel road by a truck with a "GOD HATES FAGS" bumper sticker, my agenda item for now is focus on letting things get back to normal.

"Normal" in this context means having a mayor in office with credibility amongst his constituency. Now that Sam has decided not to resign, those of us who support him have our work cut out for us. With the release of the Oregonian interview with Beau Breedlove yesterday, sentiment has shifted away from Sam a bit. I saw a lot of folks saying, "I supported him before this, but this is really the last straw," yesterday after the article's release.

What we need to do to continue to voice our support is to communicate directly to city hall. Write to our commissioners and tell them you want Sam to remain in office and that it's in the best interests of the city for them to set this aside as much as they are able and work together. Here are the email addresses for all four commissioners:

Amanda Fritz,
Randy Leonard,
Dan Saltzman,
Nick Fish,

I love this city. I want it to prosper. As a city and a nation, we're up against a set of challenges that will make the next few years potentially very tough for a lot of people. Let's make sure this doesn't get in the way of our leaders' ability to focus and get us through it.

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