Friday, January 23, 2009

What I Hope For Today

I hope Sam won't resign.

I hope he'll go to work.

I hope the rally tonight will be incredible. It's looking like it just might be...

I hope to affect some real change.


  1. I have great hope today. Please email everyone you know in Portland to come out to the Rally at City Hall today at 5:30 pm. Each and everyone of us will count - I guarantee it.

    The Rally is going to be incredible, we will make sure.

    Already, HOPE, is in the air, our little grassroots efforts ARE making a difference.

    Last night the top news story of KATU was the supporters of Sam making signs at Roots. They had positive clips on the air for a good 3-4 min it seemed. Hollie you're clips were perfect. Thanks for talking to the press. Keep going. I will too.

    Then this morning as I checked out different morning radio stations I heard The Buzz 105.1 talking lots of smack, saying Adams should resign. They then had Fox News 11 pm anchor
    Kevin Coari who pretty much said, yeah the mood has changed. The supporters are organizing. There is a rally tonight. His take was really positive while taking no sides. The also talked about what would happen if Sam was to resign - and the true mess of elections and more money spent was apparent, and I could even hear everyone thinking in their heads, wait a minute, maybe we are jumping the gun, maybe Sam resigning is not a worthy of what he did.

    Also all the news channels are definitely pushing the rally and support.


  2. Hollie,
    How do I get in touch with you directly?

    I got this from Thomas Lauderdale this morning. I am not a good public speaker.

    I'm at bikebat[at]

    i am sorry to be responding so late in the day. sam has just given the green light, so
    we are having a press conference tomorrow (friday) at noon @ city hall
    on the 4th avenue side. community leaders and elected officials will be speaking
    in support of the mayor and his vision for our city. it would be great to have you there.
    would you consider saying a few words? email / call at your convenience.

    hope to see you tomorrow @ a few minutes before noon.

    thomas m. lauderdale

  3. ha ha you just updated. I have to work from Noon to 4 pm as well today.

  4. My friends and I (Playfully called Case De Doom) have been posting about this as much as possible. We will be at the rally with as many people as we can in tow.

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this,

  5. Oh, goodness, this is just too good. Carye, how can you even begin to characterize this charade as "HOPE". I don't think this is what Barack Obama had in mind when he road to the presidency on 'change', 'politics as usual', ending scandals, and opening a new chapter of political transparency and honesty. Quite opposite actually. It seems that this 'HOPE' platform only applies to Republican scandals now, is that right? Democrats can continue to lie, mislead, and cheat their way through the political system, and that's just fine by you guys. How shallow, indeed.

  6. We need people at 5:30 city hall to Support Sam. In other sectors has a comment section that is filled with fools who are calling for Sam to resign. Please sign up and comment their to show your support!