Thursday, January 22, 2009

UPDATED: It's Time To Rally For Sam

Rally in Support of Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland

Please note that the date and time have changed from the earlier announcement.

When: Friday, January 23th, 5:30pm
Where: Portland City Hall
Who: Sam Adams supporters who feel that his two decades of committed service to the city of Portland by far outweigh his honesty about the details of his (legal and consensual) sex life. Our trust is not broken because he made a mistake when cornered with an inappropriate question.

Join us.


  1. I think legal and consensual would be Scam Adams own words, which presently, don't hold any water. He's a liar remember? I love this scandal. Portlands liberal white night has fallen.

  2. since he probably will have already resigned by then, why not do it sooner? maybe every day, as a sort of vigil?

  3. No mayor, regardless of gender/color/orientation/age/creed/etc, should be boinking their own staff - certainly not direct reports, and especially not interns.

    As in the above, no mayor should be spending time grooming a 17yo as a playmate, with a "very special birthday present" planned.

    That the players were gay is simply irrelevant to me - the events show poor restraint, bad analysis of potential consequences, and expose the city to charges of sexual harassment (Employer on Employee) and sexual harassment of a minor (see: "grooming). Grossly irresponsible.

    It does not matter whether the players involved were boy-boy, boy-girl, girl-boy, or girl-girl.
    It is equally bad in each arrangement above.

    It appears that Adams best course is a quiet resignation and retirement from politics. The best course from the Portland LGBT community is to repudiate Adams actions as irresponsible and not representative of the community - just as we would were the players non-LGBT.

    We don't gain when we create or advocate for set-asides such as "but he/she's liberal/lgbt/etc".

    Let Adams slink off into the night, and our community seek a standard bearer who is - if not less flawed, at least uses better judgment.

  4. get your facts straight. Beau was not Sam's personal intern, and lived and worked in another city.

    So glad the rally is coming together.

  5. "I lied in an effort to gain office." - Sam Adams 01/20/09

  6. Suggestion: Make the rally date & time show up on every page, maybe above or below the "what we believe" list.