Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're With Sam

This is the best video I've yet seen of the rally, ironically posted by The Oregonian.

No commentary about "dozens of supporters!" or irritating editorializing. Just us being loudly and proudly in support of our mayor.

Enjoy: you helped make it happen.
City Hall rally in favor of Sam Adams


  1. Thanks for your activism, Hollie. Citizen participation is what it's supposed to be all about, but not all have the pluck to actually do it.

    I'm hugely disappointed in Adams and think he displayed remarkably poor judgement. He should know the climate politicians have to function in. But I believe in his agenda and I'm willing to let him try to earn back the people's trust. No matter what, though, he's lost a lot of power and momentum. And that sucks.

    Actually, I shocked no one has pointed the real scandal. Namely, who the hell would pick the Macaroni Grill for lunch downtown? Seriously, out of all the amazing places available, Macaroni Grill? That's some questionable judgement...

    Thanks for all work! Fred L.

  2. That was awesome! I still don't see how he lost people's trust over something so insignificant. If something like that makes someone a habitual liar than none of us would have any credibility. I say we request the sexual history of all public officials and investigate each one! If that's what Mayor Sam is being faulted over let's hold every other public official to the same scrutiny and ask them inappropriate questions as well.

  3. Oh... and everyone who showed up last night ROCKS! :)

  4. lol macaroni grill. That truly is scandalous!