Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why We Are All At Fault

I strongly encourage you to check out this article written by Stephen Humphrey in The Mercury.

The more the dust settles, the more thoughtful and poignant the writing seems to become about this.


  1. This article brought up a lot of good points. Though I think another person in this story that has more than hurt feeling is Randy Leonard. Today's Oregonian had an article titled "I don't trust him"

    I've already sent an email directly to Randy before this new article telling him he needs to take his hurt feelings out of the public papers. Well obviously he hasn't listened. Randy it seems is going to push this issue as far as he can, in an embarrassing public way, personally I understand that it will take time to heal, but these public statements are starting to make Leonard sound like he's not a mature politician, in my opinion.

    Also did you read one of the letters to the editor in the Mercury called Rally Review. It quite pissed me off because the writer obviously had his information messed up. And from what I've heard on this blog from Hollie is Marc Acito worked his butt off all day of the rally to make it legal, getting permits and a generator. So reading this letter where he and Storm a seriously dissed it frustrating. A counter-letter probably is in order, as misinformation continues. And for me Storm Large was absolutely great at the Rally. Here's the letter:

    -Carye Bye

  2. Yes pray that the dust settles. Hopefully within 5 months people will forget right?

    Repeat after me, "It's okay when Sam does it."