Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm on hold with KPAM's Victoria Somebody-I've-Never-Heard-Of. Clearly my ignorance of conservative Portland talk shows is biting me in the butt, because this chick is using every trick in the book to provoke me. It's sort of funny.

All these years I've screamed at the TV when some conservative was spouting some nonsense and finally I'm able to be heard. Still it's sort of like talking to a very conservative brick wall who wants to make me out to be someone who doesn't care about the CHILDREN!!!

Good thing they have 20 minutes of ads so I can tell you all about this. Supposedly next on the agenda: playing Hollie some REALLY AWFUL Sam Adams sound clips so that she will have no choice but to admit that she is in the moral wrong! Clearly I will lose!

Great Victoria quote: "Clearly you've lost it!"

Oh, Victoria.


  1. For some reason the post below wouldn't let me comment, so I'm doing it here. What about Amanda Fritz? She fits all the criteria for your keynote speaker. I know she's a freshman council member but she's got backbone and clout.

  2. Stop the prudes. Support Sam!!

  3. Oh, damage control... damage control! . This is cat nip for conservative talk radio by the way. I know you're oh so 'above it all', but consider the fact that we're laughing our asses off right now. We love it.

    You think crying on air or making little blogs supporting Sam is going to get you somewhere? We want this thing to drag out as long as possible, so for our own amusement, please continue your quest to prove Obama's 'politics as usual' tome as just another hack campaign slogan. Because that's what it is, at least in Portland it is, and you're doing a great job driving that home by the way. I've heard liberals simpering all day about this, it's pure magic.

  4. arturo, I don't get what about sex between 2 consenting adults which would require "damage control". this is not about us trying to bring reason to OUR circles, this is about calming down a bunch of portlanders (and outsiders who can go EFF themselves) who are reacting like complete ninnies.

    If a rally is neededd to bring awareness and intelligence to this dialogue is needed, and visibility to our support for a democratically elected mayor, then PLEASE don't think you are being clever....

  5. Stephanie,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I called her office earlier today with the same idea and they called me back after running it by her to let me know that she has a prior commitment with a Planned Parenthood event.

    Can't really argue with that...

  6. Dear Sam,

    You have my vote and my support to continue the great path you've set with the city. Who among us hasn't done something foolish and embarrassing, especially when we're still pretty young? God bless you with whatever happens. Jan Marie Fortier, Ph.D., librarian, instructor