Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've done a couple of radio interviews (OPB and KPAM) and have contacted KATU-- the word about the rally is getting out!

Listen for me on OPB! Maybe!


  1. I have called Sams office and spoke with his public advocate they are aware of the rally. Tara at 94.7 announced it on the radio. Do we have speakers for the rally?

  2. I have a media company called Blue Voice Media and will be hosting a TV and Internet show called showcasepdx which is filmed in at milepost five. Sam Adams was the pioneer of this project and he as helped us tremendously.

    We will have 2 to 3 cameras there. I will be interviewing people in support of Sam. We have massive amount of artists and creatives who are a part of this and we will be there.

  3. Hi you want to come on KXL NEWS this morning with Steve and I? 7:00am? 8? We'd love to talk more about this rally.