Monday, January 26, 2009

Fritz Supports Adams, Sort Of

Commissioner Amanda Fritz has posted a statement concerning Sam Adams's decision to stay in office. I'd characterize it as cautious but honest. She's not falling all over herself to forgive Sam, but I appreciate that she's made a public declaration that 1. she thinks the mayor can meet the challenges the city faces, and 2. she is willing to work with him in order to do so.

Thank you, Commissioner Fritz.


  1. I hope Randy Leonard and Nick Fish will post their support as well. These two commissioners have been the most outspoken in public, with not as much understanding support and professionalism as I've seen with Amanda Fritz. Dan Saltzman has probably been the most supportive publicly with out the air of caution. Sam needs full support of the commissioners to truly do the best job he can do.

  2. I know, I'm nervous about Leonard especially. He seems to feel personally wounded by Adams and has said some things publicly that make me worried about how they'll get through this.