Friday, January 23, 2009

Stand By Your Sam

Was that rally mindblowingly great or what? From Marc's artful MCing on the teeny tiny stage to Dan Savage's perfectly scathing speech to Storm's improvised version of "Stand By Your Man", I'm hard-pressed to say anything that would do it justice. What made the event so astounding above and beyond all of that was the gazillion of you who showed up. It was hard to tell from where I was standing, but I've heard estimates of anything from 500 to 1,200 people in attendance. Geez! Kick ass!

The Mercury's reporting that Sam's expected to make a decision tomorrow. Does this mean he was waiting to see how the public turned out to support or condemn him? I'd like to think so, because that means we stand a good chance at making a difference in his decision.

On a somewhat unrelated note, my boyfriend was just telling me he was googling me earlier and up came a conservative blog, mocking my calling us "people in support of Sam". Apparently this makes our movement known as "PISS". Heh!

And with that, I'm done for the day.


  1. It was a great experience, and I was glad and proud to be there to show my support. It is in many ways a somewhat complex and thought-provoking subject. And it has prompted some interesting conversations. But it is *my decision* to continue my support for Sam, forgive him and give him another chance. Actually, he doesn't need my forgiveness, but I extend it just the same. I forgive him for any disappointment I felt about his lack of truthfulness. I personally do not care about his personal, sexual liaisons.

    And I want him to be OUR MAYOR to help move Portland forward in a positive direction.

    The speakers at the rally made several points I hadn't thought of. All of which only confirmed my decision to support our mayor, Sam Adams.

    I hope he will stand fast, be strong, and "get back to work!"

    Tim Liszt

  2. The rally was amazing! I was so thrilled at the outpouring of positive energy. I was also impressed at how quickly it was put together.

    I put up some pictures;

  3. Here's some photos of the rally I took from the backrow - where we continued making signs. I loved all the different ideas people had.

    Many of us hung out an hour after the official rally ended. It was a lot of fun to be in amidst of people who love the Mayor and aren't afraid to tell the world.

    Sam we'll see you back Monday, right?


  4. Awesome rally. I feel so much more hopeful that Adams will decide to stay on as our mayor.

    Here are a few photos:

    And my brief thoughts on the rally:

  5. Hollie, the rally was wonderful. I was so stoked to see the turnout. I really hope Sam saw us and knows we want him to stay!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

    sign-making grad student

  6. Oy...the media.


    They've got it WRONG about Sam Adams just as they have it wrong about who sang the song, Stand by Your Man.

    It wasn't a Patsy Cline classic.

    It was Tammy Wynette, the morons. And Tammy wrote the classic song as well.

    Patsy Cline never recorded Stand by Your Man.

  7. Did you guys see Sam Adam press conference this morning? He looked haggard, tired, and generally beaten. Here's the article:

    He even had to have a security guard let him in this morning because he was locked out. I think it's an omen. Hilarious. Good job last night everyone!


    Here is a video from the rally on the 23rd.