Friday, January 23, 2009

This Just In

From an anonymous source at city hall, I just received this forwarded email:

"I took a look at TrackIT today to see how many people emailed Sam on Portland Online. Under the “just want to say hi to Sam” category, there were nearly 700 since Monday. I exported them to excel and did a little math. These numbers are approximate, as I couldn’t read every message. You can tell where they stand by the subject line in the message, and sort in that way.

20% stay
80% resign

54% stay
46% resign

80% stay
20% resign

93% stay
7% resign

1/23 (as noon-ish)
88% stay
12% resign

There are another 228 in the “other” category.

Again, these numbers are approximate… but I think they’re telling."

Amazing. We're making a different, folks!

NOTE: Here's a link to where you, too, can 'Just Say Hi' to Mayor Sam Adams at Portland Online

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  1. that's a power law for certainsure.