Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sam's Response


Thanks for your email. As you can see, I am pushing for the creation of a transportation demand management commission for both crossings. I believe the transportation system in the entire region needs to move in this direction. The bridge has three lanes right now and sprawl has been rampant: we can and must do better.



"Our region has been a global innovator in developing and managing transportation systems for transit, bikes, and pedestrians. But we have remained in the dark ages when it comes to managing our vehicular roadway systems to protect and support community values.

To date, we have built our freeways, highways and streets - and then largely just walk away. With the new approach described in the op-ed below, written by myself and Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard with the support of other local leaders, yesterday I asked the Portland City Council to approve ongoing, performance-based management for the new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River. With a 4-1 vote, the resolution passed. With this idea, we offer a groundbreaking notion.

The opinion piece below ran in yesterday's Oregonian. The region's goal: build a bridge to serve our needs for the next 100 years - but one that is managed effectively from day one.

Mayor Sam Adams"

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  1. Have you ever considered that perhaps Mr. Adams is using you because you're pushing this grassroots effort? I mean, the high level of access you're receiving seems disproportionate to the access he gives to the media. Especially in light of his recent stalling at the Portland City Club.

    I agree with your core tenants on the right hand side of your blog. The problem is that he lied. So who's to say that's not the end of the lie?