Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adams and Leonard on OPB's "Think Out Loud"

OPB's call-in talk show "Think Out Loud" will host Portland mayor Sam Adams, commissioner Randy Leonard and Vancouver mayor Royce Pollard on Monday, 3/02 at 9 am. The topic of focus will be Friday's State of the City address given by Mayor Adams, and will give callers a chance to weigh in on their reaction.

I encourage folks to call in and express their feelings about the CRC decision last week. Also, there appears to be a rally in the works protesting the CRC sometime soon at City Hall. For the record, I will be there.


  1. Hey Hollie,

    Please know that this is meant in the spirit of having a civic dialog for tomorrows show. One of my volunteers pointed out to me that the show starts at 9:00AM.

    The call in phone number is 1-888-665-5865

    With much respect,

    Jasun Wurster

  2. Thanks very much, Jason. I appreciate it!

    The show's on now, folks!