Friday, February 20, 2009

Fighting The Recall Effort

The recall effort is attempting to mobilize, even at this early date, and has been in the media over the last couple of weeks. Senator Ron Wyden's recent refusal to work with Mayor Adams on the grounds that he would be a "distraction" is not acceptable and has furthered the public uneasiness about Sam's viability as a leader. We have the power to change these things. Our elected officials are in office to represent the best interests of our city and state, and those who support Sam Adams need to be loud, visible, and clear in our message.

As the rally demonstrated, we can accomplish amazing things when we all band together. In the coming months, my mission is to assemble a task force of Sam supporters who will work together to hold events and keep in contact with the media. Let's have bike rides, letter writing parties, and maybe even another rally. But what else? We need more ideas! Want to help? Let's start a conversation in the comments. Want to email me? Feel free: hollietealok at gmail is my address.

I know you're out there, because I met hundreds of you a few weeks ago. I know the media is listening and we need to use that to our advantage. Let's get the word out together.

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  1. I wasn't at any rally but I'm ready to help now! Even though I live in Clackamas county and Sam isn't *really* my mayor, I still support him 100% and will help where I can.